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The purpose of this site is to try and help those in pursuit of making money on the internet. If you plan to make a full time living or if you just want to supplement your existing income, the procedures are still the same.  Believe it or not, the majority of internet marketers fall short of fulfilling their ambitions because of their own short sightedness rather obstacles set forth by the internet programs. Most people will spend good money , and sometime a good amount, to purchase a program that they believe will provide them with an income. 

Who am I and what makes me such a authority on internet instructions?  Fair Question.  I have been on the internet for over 10 years and I have tried almost everything that came along and wound up spending more money than I care to admit or account for, for my own peace of mind. For the first 2-3 years I just played with the computer as a new found device for playing around and finding out what it would do. Then I became more involved in how the computer worked in making and filing the files I made and how they were deleted and moved and all that type of thing. This is when I began to learn the basics and the internet terms and procedures. I felt I had learned all I needed to know so thought I would try to make my fortune on the internet and spend my time at home and not have to have a full time job.  I soon learned how much I did not know and found out that the only way you could really learn what was necessary to work a program, was to actually work with the program.  I  tried a couple of programs and found that the first part was fairly simple but the further I got into the program, the more information I needed to learn and finally said it was not worth it. There surely must be another and easier program out there so I went looking. I spent the next two years playing with all types of programs and found that all I did was waste a lot of time and spent too much money.

I finally realized that if I had taken only one program and learned to set it up and make it work like it was meant  to, I would have been much better off but I never bothered to take the time to "do it right, the first time".  I looked around and found that I had acquired many programs, tons of E-books and reports and still wasn't satisfied because I had not made any money.  I finally thought it would be easier to get into an affiliate program and try my luck at that, for a while.  I had pretty good luck with Affiliate Marketing but still did not make my fortune, mainly because I did not take the time to find those programs that paid good commissions.  It is important to find and research the program and company to make sure they are reliable, honest, have integrity and have been around for a while. Any way, I have learned from my mistakes and now am involved with several good companies and programs that have started to pay some good dividends.  I still get tempted when I see the words FREE  and  TRIAL PERIOD. I always have trouble with the FREE  word, what would I miss if I overlook it? The temptation is great but it wastes your time and just puts you on someone elses mailing list for more needless emails.

To summarize, The biggest things to overcome, that will definitely slow your progress are, 1. Don't get hooked on the word FREE.  2. Find one or two programs you like and ignore the rest. 3. Learn all the basics and terms needed for your program.
4. Spend the time necessary to set-up the program in the right way, according to the set-up instructions, it will pay off in the long run. If you can set your goals on just the programs you have selected and stay with them, you will benefit sooner.  Just make sure you check out the program and make sure the person or company is reputable and the commissions are fair and have a record of paying their affiliates on time and have a good support program. Take the time to check all aspects of the program.  It is your time, use it wisely. Time is Money.

Caution when thinking about new programs

When you are thinking about getting involved in a new program, use caution, especially if they offer a 7 day trial or a 14 day trial. Usually they require a token payment for the trial period but bear in mind, 7 days is not long enough to evaluate the program nor is 14 days for that matter but is a more reasonable time frame. Remember, in that 7 days you must set-up the program, find a good advertising site that will provide a reasonable distribution program and the time to get your returns back to you computer. Most marketers take at least 2 days just get the program set-up. Also remember that "trial" programs do not stop after the trial period, they just continue and suddenly you receive a bill for the regular month payment, usually from $27.00 to $47 Dollars, caught you off guard right?  Also be aware some programs will be marketed under another marketer under another name, and you may find yourself buying the same program twice.  Don't laugh, I did it several times until I started checking them out before I made the purchase. Just use caution in all your internet activities and the money you save will surprise you.

                               If I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact me, I learn from helping others.